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UTSE(Uranium Talent Search Examination)


1. From 2024, there will be no 1st Level Uranium Talent Search    Examination(UTSE). In stead, there will be call for application to join our FREE ONLINE Motivational Camp in Physical Sciences(Chemistry and Physics) for class VIII, IX and X in summer and other vacations. So the application is to be made while a student is continuing in class VII, VIII and IX respectively. In the online classes, the students will be given the basic concepts with advanced level thinking skills. In middle and high school level(upto class X), the focus will be for the students from Odia medium schools.

2. UTSE ଅନଲାଇନ କ୍ଲାସ ପରେ ପରୀକ୍ଷା ଆମ ୟୁରାନିୟାମ ସେଣ୍ଟର ରେ ଅଫଲାଇନ ରେ ଅନୁଷ୍ଠିତ ହେବ ଓ ଯେଉଁ ମାନେ ସଫଳ ହେବେ ସେମାନଙ୍କୁ ପ୍ରାଇଜ, ଟ୍ରଫି ଓ ସାର୍ଟିଫିକେଟ ଦିଆଯିବ । ପ୍ରତି କ୍ଲାସର ପ୍ରଥମ ତିନି ଜଣଙ୍କୁ ଅର୍ଥ ପୁରସ୍କାର କରାଯିବ । 

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